World Cup: Fired-up Tim Cahill urges Australia to get NASTY before win over Peru

‘Why are you here? It’s the most important thing. You know why you play for the country. The badge. What it means. And at the same time, I would think about the players that are not here. It’s a very emotional journey. I was fortunate enough to be part of four World Cup campaigns, and it was mixed. But you guys are here because, one, you are professionals. 

‘Second, you’re passionate about what you do, but also the fight. The fight for your parents, for your kids. For me it’s not going to be about what I did. It’s going to be what you’re going to do tomorrow. It’s what you’re going to do today. It’s how you’re going to affect each other, because psychologically, we can talk about this and say, you know, the run was hard. 

‘We drew to China, we drew to Oman. We should be there, but we’re not. And we weren’t there the last time, when we knew when we lost in Japan. And you’re in the same situation now. When I was standing on the pitch and I knew that if we just got a draw, we would be going to a World Cup. And Japan were in the middle celebrating. I stood outside by myself literally crying inside, saying, I’m going to make sure we get to another World Cup. 

‘You actually have the biggest games of your lives ever ahead of you on behalf of your families first. Your families. Think about them, and then, your country. 20-30 million people sitting at home waiting for you guys to deliver something that the other generations delivered. 

‘You all play in some of the biggest leagues in the world. You play in the A-League. You’re all very competitive. But what matters now is are you going to go that extra mile to fight for each other? 

‘Just don’t be a nice footballing team. That’s not us. Don’t be nice players. I told it to the leadership group the other day. Don’t be easy to beat. Don’t be bullied. Have a bit of pride with who we are as an 11 or as a 16. And you’ve got a chance to come off the bench like I did and create those magical moments. 

‘Truly and honestly, be proud of the guy that’s in front of you. And when he’s done and he’s cooked, you get that one moment to score. Don’t miss the opportunity guys, because it is the most special thing to be part of World Cups and it’s not until I retired when I realised that I actually had some sort of impact on the game.

‘Absolutely wiping UAE off the park, and sending a clear message. Technically, tactically, physically, to Peru. Send that message technically, tactically and physically. It’s the 11th hour and I know after UAE, when you win because of those three things, that is going to give you enough ammunition to prepare for the biggest game of your life.’ 

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