Fury at bar’s sleazy job ad – but not everyone is saying the same thing

A SLEAZY bar advert for new staff with “double D breasts” and a “great smile” has been blasted as misogynistic.

The job ad, which appeared in the window of Stumpers Bar & Cafe, read: “Wanted: Part-time bar staff. Apply within. Must have double D breasts.”

The ad stipulated that applicants 'must have double d breasts'


The ad stipulated that applicants ‘must have double d breasts’Credit: Facebook
Hokitika bar Stumpers came under fire for the ad


Hokitika bar Stumpers came under fire for the adCredit: google maps

The ad said that applicants needed “a great smile and a good attitude” before adding that “men can also apply.”

The cafe located in the Hokitika, New Zealand quickly came under fire after the ad was shared on social media.

One enraged user said: “I will never go there again. Its NOT humorous it is sexist and disgusting. Do the men who apply need to measure their penis to get the job?”

A second added: “I will assume that ‘good attitude’ means willing to use great smile at all times in response to sexist comments and general groping?”

I’m a Wetherspoons barmaid & we get the same complaint about 2-4-1 pitchers
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A third added: “I’m sure you would love having dirty old men staring at your daughter’s Double D breasts all shift.”

While a fourth said: “See, if it said ‘must have double D breasts, a great smile and a good attitude, but women can also apply’ that could almost be funny. This is just gross.”

However, some users were left in hysterics, labelling the ad as a stunt.

“It’s clearly a joke to get attention. People need to chill,” one said as a second added: “Surely this is a joke?”

A third added “I can hear the banjos from here.”

While a fourth quipped: “I’m the best candidate bra none.”

It comes after a billboard advertising vaginal probiotics was blasted by docs for its bizarre message.

Olly, the manufacturer of the Happy Hoo-Ha product, described the supplement as ‘probiotics for your panty hamster’ as medical professionals called out the treatment.

Dr Gunter, who is known for busting health myths, said: “There is no data that shows probiotics improve vaginal health.

“But the lack of data seems almost minor in comparison with calling a vagina a *checks notes* panty hamster.”

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