China launches 22 aircraft into Taiwan airspace after deploying warships and firing 11 missiles in huge invasion drills

CHINA sent 22 warplanes hurtling into Taiwan’s airspace as the giant nation continues to flex its military muscles in a message to the US.

The Communist Party sent the fighter jets briefly across the “median line” running down the Taiwan Strait on Thursday, according to the defend ministry in Taipei.

Chinese fighter jets have repeatedly breached Taiwan's airspace


Chinese fighter jets have repeatedly breached Taiwan’s airspaceCredit: AP

The Ministry of National Defense said “air defense missile systems” were deployed to track the jets and radio warnings were broadcast – it is understood Taiwan also scrambled fighter planes.

Chinese state media also reported Beijing is moving an aircraft carrier strike group towards the island, which included a nuclear-powered submarine.

It is the latest brazen move by China as they attempt to send a message to both Taiwan and the US over senior American politician Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei.

Beijing has essentially surrounded the island – which it regards as a breakaway province – with warplanes and warships as it announced six massive military exercises minutes after Pelosi landed on Tuesday.

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