Passenger shamed for watching ‘naughty’ video on busy flight

A PASSENGER has been labelled a ‘pig’ online after he was spotted openly watching a naughty clip during a flight.

A picture was shared of the man enjoying a film on his laptop, apparently unaware that other people on the flight could see him.

An astonished passenger shared the picture on Instagram (stock image)


An astonished passenger shared the picture on Instagram (stock image)Credit: Getty

An astonished passenger called Debbie Lagolf shared the picture on Instagram, claiming that there were children on the plane as well.

She wrote: “Dude, seriously??? You realise you’re on a plane with kids on it?”

The photo drew disbelief from a number of people who saw it.

One simply described the man as “gross”, while another wrote: “What a pig…”

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It is not the first time a passenger has been accused of watching graphic material during a flight either.

Earlier this year, Tiktoker Melanie Schofield claimed she was moved to first class when the man next to her started watching pornography.

She told the Daily Dot that she spotted him typing the phrase “sex on a plane” into a search engine.

She says she was moved to first-class when she told flight crews that she wanted to be moved away from the passenger.

Incidents of passengers watching pornography on their personal devices – sometimes even in front of children – has soared in recent years.

In fact, it has become such a big problem that airlines are having to provide special training to cabin crew to help deal with the issue.

United Airlines was forced to give its cabin crew the specialist training after it briefly made the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s (NCOSE) “2019 Dirty Dozen List“.

The NCOSE list is intended to name and shame the companies that “facilitate sexual exploitation” in the US.

United was the only airline to make the list and was accused by NCOSE of having a “sexually hostile environment” on board because of the people watching porn on board.

NCOSE explained: “In recent years, incidents have soared of passengers viewing hardcore pornography on their personal devices (even in front of children!) in tight, closed quarters, leaving fellow passengers and flight crew feeling unsafe, emotionally triggered, and victim to sexual harassment.

“Many reports expressed that United Airlines’ flight attendants appeared to be particularly ill-suited for these situations.”

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NCOSE said it removed United from its Dirty Dozen list for choosing to prioritise the staff training.

Meanwhile a prankster delayed a flight by airdropping porn to people before take off.

The man was caught watching graphic material on his laptop during a flight


The man was caught watching graphic material on his laptop during a flightCredit: Instagram

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