Baby dies in hot car after father ‘forgot to drop him off at nursery’ as parents hospitalised with ‘shock’

A BABY has died in a hot car after the father forgot to drop him off at nursery, leaving the parents hospitalised with “shock”.

The 14-month-old was found dead in his dad’s boiling hot vehicle in Bordes, southwestern France, on Wednesday afternoon.

A baby was found dead in his dad's vehicle


A baby was found dead in his dad’s vehicle
Town mayor Jean-Christophe Rhaut described the incident as a 'catastrophe'


Town mayor Jean-Christophe Rhaut described the incident as a ‘catastrophe’

The child’s dad – an employee at aeronautics firm Safran – allegedly forgot to drop his kid off at the nursery opposite his work in the morning before going in for his shift, according to BFMTV.

The bub was found dead in the vehicle while temps hit 22C in the car park.

French cops have launched an investigation into the case and said the baby died of “suffocation and dehydration”.

It was the baby’s mother who alerted authorities that her child hadn’t made it to nursery on Wednesday afternoon.

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She arrived at the creche at 4.30 and immediately noticed he wasn’t there and altered staff and local authorities about the missing tot.

The fire brigade and ambulance were called to the scene at around 5pm and tried to resuscitate the child.

“No one heard the slightest noise,” public prosecutor Cecile Gensac said, adding emergency services were unable to save the baby.

She said: “Getting to the scene, the firefighters and the Samu service tried to resuscitate the infant in vain.”

The public prosecutor said she was opening an investigation “on the count of manslaughter,” according to La Rep des Pyrenees.

She suggested the father – believed to be in his forties – forgot to drop off his son at the crèche on his way to his work located nearby.

She said: “The father then realised that he had forgotten the child in his vehicle parked in the parking lot and found him dead on his way there.

“No one had heard the slightest noise, the car park being extensive.”

The parents – who have no previous criminal records and have an older child – went sent to Pau hospital in “a state of shock”.

Meanwhile, the town’s mayor, Jean-Christophe Rhaut, described the baby’s death as a “catastrophe” and said that staff and kids at the creche were suffering from distress over the incident.

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He ordered a two-day shutdown and deployed a psychologist to the nursery to help staff and children.

Officials are expected to carry out an autopsy in the coming days.

The man allegedly forgot to drop off his son off to creche before going to work


The man allegedly forgot to drop off his son off to creche before going to workCredit: Google Maps

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