Our creepy neighbour put a camera on his fence so he can spy on us in our own garden – I’m scared he is stalking me

A WOMAN is terrified her creepy neighbour is stalking her after he put a camera on her fence to spy on her family in their garden.

The woman took to TikTok to share her concerns after spotting the device poking over her garden fence.

The woman shared her concerns after spotting the camera poking over her garden fence


The woman shared her concerns after spotting the camera poking over her garden fenceCredit: TikTok/ _sayra16_
The footage shows the neighbour positioning the security camera


The footage shows the neighbour positioning the security cameraCredit: TikTok/ _sayra16_

In the video, Sayra Hernandez says: “So I have a crazy neighbour who talks us lol.”

The bizarre footage shows the neighbour standing on the other side of the fence positioning the security camera as Sayra and her kids watch on.

“We try covering them but he is always moving them. What a weirdo,” she said.

The woman’s kids can be seen trying to cover the view of the camera with large pieces of wood.

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But the neighbour bizarrely responds by moving the camera along the fence.

The concerned mum said: “What is wrong with him?”

TikTok users were outraged by the creepy invasion of privacy – with some telling her to call the cops immediately.

Others said she should take matters into her own hands and spray paint on the camera to break it.

One said: “Shine a laser pointer at the lens or aim a magnifying glass at it – it’ll burn the inside of the camera and break it.”

Another wrote: “Technically if it’s on your property you could take that camera.”

A third suggested: “I mean I know you shouldn’t have to but if you create a two foot gap and put your own tall fence it might stop them being able to film you!”

Others said the woman should take the camera so it can provide evidence of the alleged spying to the cops.

It comes after a woman went to extreme lengths to stop her “creepy” neighbour from spying on her.

And another woman revealed how her neighbours let their daughter to spy on her and her family in their garden.

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She said the situation was becoming awkward and that she wanted to set boundaries.

In another saga, a woman found out her husband was cheating, so she got revenge in front of the neighbours.

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