Colombia: At least two dead and 70 injured as stand collapses at bullfight | World News

At least two people have been reported killed and 70 injured after a stand collapsed during a bullfight in Colombia.

It happened in the municipality of El Espina in the central region of the country at about 1pm local time on Sunday during a local festival.

Footage has emerged of a wooden stand crowded with spectators collapsing at the stadium.

The stand was seen toppling forward into the ring, where people were participating in a bull-running event, which is tied to the feast day of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

According to Major Luis Fernando Velez, director of civil defence in the province, no one remained trapped in the wreckage.

He told local media that several people were missing but have since been found.

“The emergency has been overcome at the site of the incident. More or less 70 people were injured,” Mr Velez said.

Injured people were taken to nearby cities of Ibague and Maelgar in ambulances.

Mr Velez said El Espina’s hospital was overwhelmed, adding he didn’t know what the stand was made from but it appeared to be wooden boards.

Saint Peter and Saint Paul Day is observed every year on 29 June and the event is the feast day that honours two martyrs of the Christian faith.

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