Neighbours divide opinion after putting up aggressive note demanding other residents don’t play any music

AN AGRESSIVE note demanding a group of residents stop playing their music has divided the opinions.

The sign was posted on a building’s communal notice board about the level of noise coming from one of the flats.

The note told unit 22 to stop their music


The note told unit 22 to stop their musicCredit: Reddit

The note said: “Unit 22 stop your music. We need a quiet environment to work/live.”

It appeared two other people agreed with the author of the note.

They commented “well done” and “great work”.

In a post on Reddit, a poster uploaded a picture of the note, saying: “Sign on the communal notice board of my building.

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“But they are allowed to make whatever noise they like, right? The real issue is that apartment buildings are made of paper these days and very little sound proofing.”

The post garnered a lot of reactions from a number of people with varying opinions about the note.

Most people thought the note was not very kind and tenants had a right to make some noise.

One person commented: “Hahaha that’s a big public callout! The way sound travels is often in part a building issue, in addition to living in shared spaces, but whether they are allowed to or not also depends on rules about sound and “quiet enjoyment” on the lease.”

Someone else instructed the original poster (OP) to write a response back saying “use your grown up manners and speak to your neighbors”.

Another said: “Technically they can make whatever noise they want outside of quite hours, but if you are a decent human being with common curiosity then you don’t.”

One more said their relationship with their neighbour was destroyed because of loud music.

They wrote: “I hate my neighbors for playing loud music. It permeates my house next door and why? Because someone can’t be respectful? Especially for extended Periods.”

In another dispute, a “cranky” neighbour’s efforts to keep visitors away from a seemingly busy holiday rental have gone viral.

The man set up road blocks on his street, using paper towels hung from large A-frames, warning potential Airbnb guests to turn around.

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