Horror moment docs remove 2ft ARROW fired through woman’s head as she screams in agony

A PETRIFIED woman shot through the face by a longbow is lucky to be alive after she was saved by firefighters who cut down the 28-inch arrow with bolt cutters.

The unsightly footage shows the moment the steel-shafted arrow is removed from the squealing women on a hospital treatment bench in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, Northwest China.

The woman seen on the hospital treatment bench before the arrow is safely removed from her face


The woman seen on the hospital treatment bench before the arrow is safely removed from her faceCredit: AsiaWire

According to local sources, the woman was not stricken intentionally.

It later emerged that a man who was practicing archery misfired as she was walking by.

The centimetre-thick arrow, which had entered under her left eye and came out just under her left temple, was so tough hospital medics could not remove the projectile from the victim’s face.

Instead, the hospital urged the fire brigade to operate on the woman with bolt cutters to shorten the 70-centimetre long arrow – which could not fit into a CT scanner.

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The footage shows a firefighter steadying the shaft as another cuts it off with the cutting tool.

As the firefighter snips off the top, the middle-aged woman can be heard screeching in pain.

It is understood the medics then removed the shortened arrow.

For centuries, archery has played a pivotal role in Chinese society, and today bows and arrows are considered sporting equipment.

Despite many restrictions on dangerous weapons in China, none are applied to bows and arrows, which are used in the Olympic sport.

One of the firemen who attended the incident, meanwhile, was quoted by local media as saying: “I hope that bow and arrow enthusiasts avoid public places when practising archery to avoid such things from happening again in the future.”

The police are allegedly investigating the case.

This comes a month after pictures and video emerged of the bow and arrow bloodbath launched in a supermarket by a crazed killer.

Footage was released at the start of trial of Espen Bråthen, 38, showing him on a deadly rampage with the weapon in a Co-op Extra store in KongsbergNorway in October, 2021.

The white-vested maniac bursts into the store brandishing his bow and launches a quickfire barrage of arrows at innocent shoppers.

Unstable loner Brathen’s spree – in which he also used hunting knives – killed five victims and wounded two, including a police officer hit by an arrow in his back.

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Asked by a judge for his plea yesterday, Brathen replied: “I admit guilt.”

The court heard he stalked the streets of the city with 80 arrows and several knifes – but all five of his victims died from stab wounds.

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