Puma boss posts bizarre memo asking staff not to wear other brands of trainers on shift – but note divides opinion

A BOSS of a Puma warehouse has divided opinion after sticking up a note with a specific demand for employees.

The pointed memo warned workers at the depot in Melbourne, Australia, against wearing items from other competitors such as Nike and Adidas.

The note put up at a Puma warehouse has divided opinion online


The note put up at a Puma warehouse has divided opinion onlineCredit: Reddit

One employee took to Reddit to share a snap of the note – as other users debated its fairness.

The memo reads: “Hey all. Please refrain from wearing other competitor brands eg Nike, Adidas, from here on end.

“Just some feedback we received from our GM Pancho.

“Thanks for your support.”

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It is unclear whether workers at the warehouse are given a uniform.

The note has left social media users split as some argue the rule is “silly” whereas many believe the request is simply common courtesy.

One wrote: “Unless things have changed recently, staff get an extremely generous allowance, to the point where staff wind up giving away clothing to friends/family.

“Wild the amount of people upset about any of this. If you work in a Mcdonald’s, it’s unsurprising if management ask that you don’t wear a KFC uniform to work.”

Another added: “They aren’t saying you HAVE to only wear Puma stuff, just don’t wear other companies’ branded stuff. The employee could still wear unbranded clothing.”

A third commented: “That’s a pretty silly rule if it’s not a customer-facing location.”

And another chipped in: “If it’s not important enough for the company to invest in (uniforms) then it’s not important enough to expect your lowest paid workers to pay out of pocket for.

“You want your employees to be brand ambassadors, treat them like it.”

It comes after an angry boss left a note telling his female staff that they “looked like they had just crawled out of bed” and to “put on some make-up”.

The long list of requirements from the “entitled” bar boss was posted on Reddit and has divided opinion.

Meanwhile, a bad manager sent an email to his female workforce telling staff to take baths and use ‘feminine deodorant’.

The message, leaked by a former employee, was branded by some Reddit users as “sexist” – but not all agreed.

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According to the worker, the email was sent only to women, citing lifestyle choices to help keep themselves smelling fresh.  

It read: “Use feminine deodorant as need – especially during those times of the month. When you can yourself, other have been able to small you for 2-3 days. Wow.”

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