I realised my son, 6, was dead when he went quiet after horror car smash during school pickup – our world fell apart

A HEARTBROKEN mum has shared the tragic moment she realised her six-year-old son was dead after he went quiet following a horror car smash.

Klara Donovan said her “world fell apart” when her son Jackson died in a tragic car accident as she picked him up from school.

Jackson died in the horror car crash


Jackson died in the horror car crashCredit: Facebook
His mum described how they got involved in a tragic car accident


His mum described how they got involved in a tragic car accidentCredit: Nine
Klara's devastating post for her son


Klara’s devastating post for her son

The mum had just picked up Jackson and his sister Rosie from school in Perth, Australia, when they got involved in a four-car pile-up in East Rockingham.

Klara explained that they were on their way to pick up the children’s other sister Everley when the tragedy occurred.

The mum said on a Facebook post: “I literally thought ‘what a great day’.

“I was thrilled that in less than an hour we’d all be home together for the weekend.

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“And everything went white. All the airbags had deployed around me.

“I called out ‘everyone okay?’

“Jackson was quiet and I was honestly so confused as to why he didn’t answer until I saw him.

“We’ve been told he died on impact.”

The mum explained that their car was “pushed into the traffic and got hit one or two more times which spun the car and then we finally stopped”.

The horrific accident is believed to have been caused by a driver’s medical episode, 9News reports.

The young boy was rushed to the hospital but he could not be saved.

After 28 hours, his parents made the devastating decision to switch off his life support.

The mum said that she and her husband “can’t wrap our heads around how everything has just stopped”.

Klara said her son loved video games and reading Dr Seuss to his sisters. 

She recalled how Jackson would sneak into his parents’ bed at night and how he “was always the best in our family at guessing the cakes on Is It Cake.” 

She continued: “Rosie won’t even remember the brother who knew how to make her laugh long before anyone else could, who carried her into his class in the mornings to cuddle with his friends, who delighted in every little thing she did.

“Everley has lost her best friend and wild play mate. 

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“We have lost the most awesome, fun, hilarious, smart, sweet kid. 

“We are devastated beyond words. Jackson, we love you so so much. We are so sorry you couldn’t stay longer with us.”

The parents decided to switch off the boy's life support


The parents decided to switch off the boy’s life supportCredit: Facebook
The pile-up happened on Friday East Rockingham


The pile-up happened on Friday East RockinghamCredit: Nine

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