Ghislaine Maxwell ‘to ask to serve bulk of her child sex trafficking sentence in UK to be close to her family’

GHISLAINE Maxwell is reportedly set to ask to serve the bulk of her sentence for child sex trafficking in the UK to be close to her family.

The disgraced socialite faces up to 55 years behind bars after being convicted of five out of six counts of sex trafficking for vile Jeffrey Epstein’s paedophile ring.

The disgraced socialite was convicted of her role in Epstein's paedo ring


The disgraced socialite was convicted of her role in Epstein’s paedo ring
Maxwell wants to spend the majority of her sentence in a UK prison


Maxwell wants to spend the majority of her sentence in a UK prisonCredit: Reuters

She is due to be sentenced on June 28 after being locked up at the “hellhole” Metropolitan Detention Centre in Brooklyn, New York.

Maxwell will have to spend the first three years in prison Stateside under US law, but can then apply to return to the UK.

A source told The Mail on Sunday she will submit her request “as soon as she is able” so she is closer to her family.

The 60-year-old convicted sex trafficker reportedly wants to spend the majority of her lengthy sentence in a cushier British prison.

And she hopes being on home soil will allow her to be “treated fairly”, amid her constant complaints about the US prison system.

The source explained: ” She wants to be in the UK to be closer to her family so she can have family visits.

“The prisons in Britain are far superior to those in the US and the Brits treat prisoners more humanely.

“The American system is a disgrace.

“If she has to spend time in prison she would rather do it in the UK, where people are treated fairly and with a measure of decency.”

Maxwell has only just been removed from solitary confinement for the first time in two years ahead of her looming sentencing.

Since her arrest in July 2020, she has been under constant watch amid fears she would kill herself like her paedo pals before her trial.

But the sex predator is now sharing a cell with other inmates and will soon be able to receive visits from her family and friends.

Her family, who have previously complained about how prison staff have treated their sex predator sister, have welcomed the move, which means she’ll no longer be barred from visits.

Maxwell’s brother Ian said his sister would be woken up every 15 minutes by guards with a torch and had a camera watching her at all times.

He also claims she has been physically abused by guards and claims her treatment breached “Nelson Mandela Rules” on prisoner welfare.


Her brother Ian said: “I am finally going to be able to see Ghislaine. Apart from a few seconds of snatched conversation I had with her at the bar of the court, we have not had any meaningful interactions.

“I will be able to do that because she has been released into the general population.”

He added: “She is still in MDC but in the general population.

“There are dangers in it but she has come out of being in that ‘Shu’ [segregated housing unit] and out of that torture she has suffered.

“She has kept her head held high and I admire her determination”.

He said that being in a “dormitory style” cell would mean his sister would at least have some company.

Maxwell could face up to 55 years in jail after she was found guilty of trafficking young girls to have sex with Epstein.

She helped entice vulnerable teenagers to Epstein’s various properties for him to sexually abuse between 1994 and 2004.

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The former socialite was found guilty of sex trafficking charges by a New York jury in December and faces sentencing at the end of this month.

Over a dozen of Epstein’s victims say they intend to appear at the sentencing, including Virginia Giuffre.

Maxwell has constantly complained about prison life since her arrest in July 2020


Maxwell has constantly complained about prison life since her arrest in July 2020Credit: Getty

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