Boss divides opinion after putting up sign offering staff £15 reward for snitching on colleagues EATING on work time

A BOSS who encourages co-workers to snitch on each other for eating on the job has divided opinions.

The brazen sign offers a £15 reward to anyone who rats out their hungry team members – and promises to punish the offenders.

The sign divided opinions on popular discussion forum Reddit


The sign divided opinions on popular discussion forum Reddit

A picture of the notice hanging in a restaurant’s kitchen was posted to Reddit in March with the caption: “Eat and get laid off. Snitches get $20.”

It states: “Warning! All employees must not eat during work hours! Receive a $20 reward if you catch an employee eating during work hours!

“Employees with 3 warnings will be laid off with no exceptions.”

Some social media users were stunned at an employer offering a cash incentive to those who turned on their colleagues.

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One person said: “Even from a purely business minded standpoint ignoring how shi**y of a way to treat people is, this is a TERRIBLE idea.”

One person thought they had worked out the tactic at play, writing: “Gotta keep us fighting each other to not fight them.”

Another offered a helpful solution: “Everyone should band together and repeatedly report the manager.”

Someone else offered a different way to solve the problem: “They should all snitch on each other, get the 20 go out for drinks.”

One person said the boss should consider treading carefully as some people need to eat during the day.

They wrote: “Try that one with a diabetic employee and brace for impact. The lawsuit won’t be pretty, but it will set the employee up for a nice payout.”

It comes as another boss caused outrage after putting up a sign telling employees that “work is not meant to be fun” alongside a minion character.

The tongue-in-cheek poster received a cold reception on social blogging forum Reddit.

The poster read: “Came into work this morning to find this taped to the wall.

“Boss went on tirade against me and co-worker yesterday for talking to each other with no customers in the store.”

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Meanwhile, another boss was berated online after demanding employees clock out for bathroom breaks and when discussing “personal requests”.

The unbelievable list of rules at a vegan bakery in Bend, Oregon, was plastered on the door in the form of a passive-aggressive note.

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