Vladimir Putin’s idiot troops REVEAL plans to capture airport three days before mission started on unencrypted lines

CRACK Russian paras swooped into an ambush after bragging about their mission on unencrypted lines.

When the elite VDV air assault troops tried to take Hostomel airport, 30 miles outside Kyiv, Ukrainian troops were lying in wait.

When Russian paras tried to take Hostomel airport, Ukrainian troops were lying in wait


When Russian paras tried to take Hostomel airport, Ukrainian troops were lying in waitCredit: Reuters

Their mission was pivotal to Mad Vlad’s plan to capture Kyiv in 72 hours.

But its failure wrecked his hopes of a rapid victory — as his idiot soldiers revealed their plans three days before it started.

The blunder was revealed by respected Rusi think-tank.

A report said: “The VDV assault units received the plan three days before the invasion and started excitedly talking in anticipation of their daring operation.

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“When they landed, therefore, they were met with Ukrainian artillery and a coordinated counterattack, quickly being driven from the airport.”

Eventually Russia seized the airfield but it was too late.

The invasion had lost momentum and “it was clear that they lacked the combat power to successfully seize the city,” Rusi added.

The revelations follow claims encrypted radios failed.

Ukraine’s SBU intelligence service published intercepted phone calls in which an FSB intelligence officer complained the radios were not working.

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