Boss slammed after demanding employees clock out for bathroom breaks in passive-aggressive note

A BOSS has been berated online after demanding employees clock out for bathroom breaks and when discussing “personal requests”.

The unbelievable list of rules at a vegan bakery in Bend, Oregon, was plastered on the door in the form of a passive-aggressive note.

The tyrannical set of rules enforced by the vegan bakery boss left social media users in disbelief


The tyrannical set of rules enforced by the vegan bakery boss left social media users in disbelief

Staff were warned to always clock out before passing the door – with a bizarre list of conditions.

The tyrannical boss demanded employees punch out for bathroom trips, breaks and even when asking questions “regarding personal requests”.

The shocking poster read: “Always clock out when passing this door.

“Including: bathroom breaks, 10-minute shift breaks, lunch breaks, questions regarding personal requests.”

And it seems the frosty boss of the bakery had no time for small talk with their colleagues at all.

Another harsh bullet point directed staff to only ask questions regarding production to the floor manager.

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The note continued: “Questions regarding production should not require leaving the production area, please see floor manager on duty.

“Paid break times will be added to your paycheck in accordance with hours worked.”

Reddit users were left in disbelief at the rudely worded set of rules, while the original poster claimed his pal who worked there had handed in their notice in retaliation.

He captioned the image: “How to lose 1/4 of your staff in one go.”

One user commented: “If you want to buy my body for 8 hours, you will pay for its needs, too.”

Another wrote: “The fact that they are writing a long diatribe means they are in the wrong for their 10 minute clock out break rule.

And a third added: “I need water and food to get through a work day. That means I need to get rid of that water and food during the work day as well. Don’t like it? Hire a robot.”


Vegan bakery Red Plate Foods then eventually owned up to it being their company after facing backlash online.

Boss Becca apologised to her employees and explained the store was “trying to track a new door – not the activities that happened beyond the door.”

She said the policies were never implemented after “realising the harm the changes caused and our mistake of not involving employees in discussion.”

The red-faced boss also said bathroom breaks were never docked from employees pay packets.

We previously told how another unbelievable boss sent an email to female workers telling them to take baths and use “feminine deodorant”.

According to an ex-employee, the message was sent only to women, citing lifestyle choices to help keep themselves smelling fresh.  

The first encouraged female employees to dry clothes quickly – referencing the “soured smell” if left overnight.

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It then continued with a patronising list of rules reminding their employees of the importance to “keep hair washed and brushed” as well as the need to brush their teeth.

It was followed by a third rules of thumb that advised female staff to “maintain regular bathing habits to avoid body odour.”

Another boss sent a 'sexist' email to female employees about their hygiene


Another boss sent a ‘sexist’ email to female employees about their hygieneCredit: Reddit

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