Stop Your Dog From Chasing Cars Through Westie Training

As dog owner, it is your responsibility to find out what Westie training strategy works best for your dog. Be it to solve problems concerning your Westie or introducing fun new tricks to him, Westie training is the way to go. Having this breed with a distinctive white coat as part of the family can be life changing – a friend, travel buddy, watchdog and playmate all in one package. Possessing a reputation of chasing (particularly cats) for fun, it would not be a wonder if one day you see your precious pooch running after a speeding car.

But even if he appears to be enjoying the behavior, it is of utmost importance that he stop doing it for the sake of his safety. And since you cannot literally tell him of what he is supposed to do, all you need to do is start the Westie training rolling.

To start the training, naturally you will need to take your Westie out in the yard. Make sure to attach a rope of about 35 feet to his training collar. Let him go around the yard but stay close to the end of the rope so that it will be easy for you to pick it up when the time comes. Just keep it cool and act as if nothing is going on. As soon as a vehicle approaches, watch him when he begins barking and pick up the end of the line the moment you noticed that his focus is entirely on the vehicle. When he is about to go for it, tug the rope as hard as you can to shock and interrupt him from his present setup. If the strategy does not seem to affect your pet’s behavior, another method you can try is to ask someone, a friend or family member, to drive by in the car. Instruct your friend that as soon as Whitey starts to chase the car, he should throw water balloons or tin/soda cans (with about ten coins inside) at the dog. This does not aim to hurt your pet but to frighten him hence he will not chase cars anymore. You can also resort to using an underground electric or above ground fence to restrain your dog from chasing what he is not supposed to chase.

While others find the mentioned strategies effective, still nothing bets Westie training for obedience. Training your dog to reliably obey commands such as stay, sit, down, wait and no can help you with this problem. However, you have to watch constantly so that you can give timely command else you will have to experience the terror of seeing your fluffy friend chasing a car or other vehicle that drives by.

Source by Richard Cussons

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