Who is Elizabeth Wettlaufer and where is she now?

ELIZABETH Wettlaufer made headlines in 2016 after she confessed to being a serial killer in Ontario, Canada.

Throughout the course of her killing spree, she took the lives of eight people and now many want to know where she is today.

Elizabeth Wettlaufer is a convicted Canadian serial killer


Elizabeth Wettlaufer is a convicted Canadian serial killerCredit: AFP

Who is Elizabeth Wettlaufer?

Born June 10, 1967, Wettlaufer, 54, is known as a convicted Canadian serial killer.

Prior to her crimes, she worked as a registered nurse at the Meadow Park nursing home after graduating from the Conestoga College Doon Campus in Ontario.

Workers described her as a “good worker” who “loved to mentor and teach,” according to The Washington Post.

From 2007 to 2016 Wettlaufer famously murdered eight senior citizens and attempted to murder six others by intentionally injecting them with fatal overdoses of insulin.

Insulin can cause someone’s blood sugar to drop below the normal range if they do not need the drug.

Where is Elizabeth Wettlaufer now?

In 2016, Wettlaufer checked herself into a mental health hospital in Toronto and started talking to her psychiatrist about the killings, The Washington Post reports.

She later wrote a four-page confession leading the hospital to contact authorities.

In the confession she said that she was “just angry in general . . . at my job . . . at my life,” following the end of her marriage in 2007.

As a result, she pleaded guilty to first-degree murder, four counts of attempted murder, and two counts of aggravated assault.

Wettlaufer is now serving out a life sentence in prison without the possibility of parole for 25 years.

“The fact that Wettlaufer is behind bars does not mean that we are safe from health care serial killers,” former Commissioner Eileen E. Gillese told families at the time. “It means only that we are safe from her.

“When Wettlaufer committed the offenses, the victims were still enjoying their lives and their loved ones were still enjoying time with them. It was not mercy to harm or kill them.”

Elizabeth confessed to killing eight senior citizens between 2007 and 2016


Elizabeth confessed to killing eight senior citizens between 2007 and 2016Credit: Getty

Who did Elizabeth Wettlaufer kill?

Throughout the course of her killing spree, Wettlaufer killed eight victims between the ages of 75 and 96.

Wettlaufer’s victims include:

  • James Silcox who was 84 years old
  • Maurice Granat who was 84 years old
  • Gladys Jean Millard who was 87 years old
  • Helen Matheson who was 95 years old
  • Mary Zurawinski who was 96 years old
  • Helen Young who was 90 years old
  • Maureen Pickering who was 79 years old
  • Arpad Horvath who was 75 years old

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