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Everything you DON’T need on your baby registry

Tommy and I didn’t create our baby registry until I was 7 months pregnant and had a drive-through baby shower and people starting asking us for our registry. Creating a baby registry is really fun, but also really overwhelming. There are a few things that are absolutely necessary, like a car seat, a safe place for your baby to sleep, and diapers. But, when you start to look at baby registry lists, there are so many items.

Another hard part of creating a registry is that technology comes out with the latest and greatest product all the time and it’s so easy to get caught up and think you need all of them for your new baby. (We definitely got sucked into the SNOO hype and we are not fans. Read why we hated it here).

So today I’m going to share some of the things that were on my baby registry (and some of my friends’ thoughts too) that weren’t quite as necessary as people said they were. I hope this is helpful! Maybe you can even take a few things out of your shopping carts. (And make a little more room in your cart for pregnancy wardrobe must-haves and postpartum must-haves!!) I’ve also updated it over the last year since Thomas arrived! 

Unnecessary Baby Registry Items

Unnecessary Baby Registry Items 

Diapering items

Wipe warmers 

A wipe warmer was one of those baby items that was totally unnecessary. I won’t lie, I like it. When Thomas was tiny, he seemed to really like it too. Now that he’s older (almost a year) he seems to prefer the cold wipes since it makes him laugh. But if you’re trying to nix a few things from your registry, nix a wipe warmer.

Diaper genie

We like having this in his nursery just so the smell is contained and we don’t need to empty the trash daily. But if you’re up for taking your trash out regularly, it’s not necessary. Since he is breastfed, we didn’t have smelly diapers until he started solids around six months so this may not be something you need right away. But, you will want it eventually l bet!

Baby powder

We don’t use anything close to this. Also we do NOT use baby cologne. I don’t know what the heck that is, but I saw it on a few baby registry lists. HARD PASS. My baby smells wonderful as is.

If you’re looking for a good diaper rash product, try Tubby Todd or Motherlove Diaper Balm. (If you order directly from the Motherlove site, use promo code afoodiestaysfit15 for 15% off.)  I also really like the Primally Pure Baby Balm for his bum and all over, really. (Use TERI for 10% off Primally Pure.) He has very dry skin and both Motherlove and Primally Pure helped a LOT.

Baby Bum Brush

These little silicone tools can be used to apply diaper rash creams and such. We use our fingers and don’t mind at all so we skipped registering for that.

Cloth Changing Pads

Cloth changing pads have to be washed a lot. We use our Keekaroo Peanut Changer more often since we can wipe down any blowouts.

Baby Clothes

Baby shoes 

I know they’re so cute, but babies aren’t walking. They don’t need shoes. When we ventured out in the stroller or to a pediatrician appointment when it was cold, we put Zutano booties on him.

Baby detergent

We use Seventh Generation Free & Clear which is unscented and designed for sensitive skin. You don’t need a separate baby detergent if you already use one with gentler  ingredients. My son has sensitive skin and we haven’t had any issues with Seventh Generation.

September 2021 Update: I’ve switched to Grove laundry detergent and love it.

Cloth bibs

We use silicone bibs that can be rinsed off Cloth bibs were helpful, however, when he was in a super drooly phase. They helped save an outfit and just looked cute!

Baby socks

They just don’t stay on. Get Zutanos or footed sleepers instead.

Baby Clothes Hangers

I have some baby hangers, but anything in the closet gets forgotten so we just have a few items in the closet and keep everything else in his dresser drawers. These aren’t super necessary at the beginning but you may want a few once your little old is olders.

Newborn Mittens

So cute, but not necessary and they get gross! Some moms find it helps babies from scratching their face, but we just bought onesies that have the little foldover cuffs.

Our Baby Boy Nursery | Unnecessary Baby Registry Items

Baby Linens

Crib bedding

Crib fitted sheets were unnecessary for us the first few months since he was in a bassinet. So if you want to hold off on some purchases, hold off on this. And remember, when a baby is sleeping, practice safe sleep and don’t put anything else in the bassinet or crib. Use only a fitted sheet with NO blankets or stuffed animals in the crib. (The photo above was taken months before Thomas was sleeping in his crib!)

Baby hooded bath towels

We love them and think the hood is helpful for keeping his head warm. And it’s dang cute with bath time. But nope, they’re not really necessary. Any towel will do.

Baby hooded bath towels


You only need one or two, and you definitely have some already that you could use! If you do want a baby-specific blanket, we like the size of this one. It’s perfect to tuck in around a car seat to keep him warm.

Feeding Essentials

Microwaveable sanitizing bags

We much prefer the bottle sterilizer since microwaving plastic freaks me out!

Dishwasher basket

Now that Thomas is eating solids, we still haven’t found the need for a dishwasher basket. We just put his stuff in with all of ours.

Bottle dryer

We take everything right from the sanitizer into a simple basket to store. We never put anything on the designated bottle drying rack we have and finally gave it away.

Baby Gear

Diaper Bag or Backpack

I LOVE my diaper backpack. If we’re traveling with Thomas or going up to Boone, I always always always take this. I’m also eying the mini version since the one I have is quite large. For quick trips to the store, I usually just grab my Barrington tote bag and toss in a Tote Savvy organizer that I keep filled with the essentials, like diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, a hat, snacks. But even the Tote Savvy is unnecessary. You could also just use any small zipper pouch you have!

Pacifier wipes

These are unnecessary for us since Thomas doesn’t use pacifiers. But I’d think it’s better to just have extra pacis around and then just regularly sanitize them.

Bottom line:

While there are lots of things you don’t need, there are lots of things that make life a new baby much easier. I update my baby registry post regularly with what we use most often!

You can also find my UppaBaby stroller review and my Thule Jogging Stroller review here!

What did you find was totally unnecessary that you registered for or were gifted?

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